Rep. Mark Hargrove takes oath of office

Forty-seventh District State Rep. Mark Hargrove was sworn in January 14 to serve his second, two-year term in the Legislature. He will continue his duty as assistant ranking Republican on the House Transportation Committee and will take a place on the House Higher Education and Education committees. The 2013 legislative session began today and will last 105 consecutive days.

“It’s truly an honor to serve the people of the Forty-seventh District again as their state representative,” said Hargrove, R-Covington. “I made some headway on education reforms during my first term in office and look forward to finding more ways to better serve our students in the education system.”

Hargrove added that transportation issues will also be at the forefront of the 2013 legislative session.

“As the assistant ranking member on transportation issues, I would welcome constituent feedback on the many elements we will be debating as we work to fund critical infrastructure projects that keep people and goods moving on our state highways and roads,” Hargrove said. “Of the greatest concern to my district is Highway 167, particularly the interchange at Highway 405. How we restructure the number of lanes and that merge point, will be a discussion on which I will take a lead role.”

Constituents who would like to contact Hargrove can reach him at (360) 786-7918 or Residents who will be in Olympia during the legislative session and would like to meet with Hargrove are encouraged to make an appointment with his office in advance.


Washington State House Republican Communications